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In July 2023, the Horizon Europe Project PYSOLO (PYrolysis of biomass by concentrated SOLar pOwer) was officially launched and will be up and running for the next four years. The project aims to prepare the ground for a novel game-changing and fully renewable process combining concentrated solar power and biomass pyrolysis.
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PYSOLO Infocard

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PYSOLO Infographic

Infographic of the PYSOLO project showing the logo's sun that shines on solar panels from the concentrated solar power plant. The heat from this process is transferred to the pyrolysis process that produces valuable bio-based products from second generation biomass. The infographic makes use of the project's colour code (brown, yellow, blue).

PYSOLO Rollup Pyrolysis

PYSOLO Rollup Infographic

PYSOLO Rollup Mirrors