Sisterhood Projects

PYSOLO is part of a Sisterhood with several Horizon Europe projects on similar topics revolving around Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). This sisterhood aims at developing a joined stakeholders’ network, organising joined activities and at enhancing collaboration among its members through various initiatives. These include featuring the projects on each others websites, sharing project updates and co-organising and promoting key events.

SUNSON – Ground-breaking Solar to Heat to Power converter for the energy of the future


The SUNSON project will promote net-zero emission electrification through a smart combination of advanced concentration solar power with ultra-high temperature storage system for thermophotovoltaic generation. Increasing the European industrial leadership in key renewable energy integration enabling the transition to a net-zero emission economy by 2050.

ABraytCSPfuture – Air-Brayton cycle Concentrated Solar Power future plants via redox oxides based
structured thermochemical heat exchangers thermal boosters

ABraytCSPfuture sets forth an innovative, carbon-neutral way for implementing into future air-operated Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants the inherently much more efficient air-Brayton gas turbine power generation cycles in order to achieve higher solar-to-electricity efficiencies, vital for competitiveness of CSP and non-reachable by either PVs or molten salts and thermal oils, significantly increasing in parallel the plants’ storage capability.

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ASTERIx-CAESar – Air-based Solar Thermal Electricity for Efficient Renewable Energy Integration & Compressed Air Energy Storage

asterix rgb hd

ASTERIx-CAESar project focuses on the development of a novel high-efficiency solar thermal power plant concept with an integrated electricity storage solution. The project combines air-based central receiver Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) to maximize conversion efficiency and power grid energy management, enabling a new operation strategy and business model.